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Anonymous asked: I love the chickenpox scar at the upper right part of your chubby cheek. <3

woah woah woah look who’s addicted to adjectives! :) you just made my day anon, thanks :) 

Sally: You know we’re gonna be together one day. We have to sort through all of our messed-up issues and… you have to sleep with a lot of girls to get it out of your system.

George: Don’t go. Please.

Sally: It’s a long life. We’re not done.

George: Treacherous, sadistic little hussy!

Sally: I love you too.

My favorite conversation between George(Freddie Highmore) and Sally (Emma Roberts) in the movie “The Art Of Getting By” (2011) Emma Roberts is too gorgeous. I can’t even. Anyway, the movie’s plot is very insightful. The protagonist’s (George) realization that he’ll gonna die alone and everything is just an illusion in the opening of the movie makes me increase the volume of my laptop. lol Life is short, but what happened to us? Have we become the masters of getting by?

Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness.

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the blue french horn

(this post contains spoilers about the final episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ stop reading this now or you will suffer forever)

I am now ready to share my thoughts about the ending of How I met your mother.

  • Lilypad and Marshmallow stays together-forever, plus a third child,somehow predictable ❤
  • the mother died which is something that I don’t mind
  • Barney with a new playbook is legen- wait for it -dary!
  • Robin and Barney getting divorced because getting married does not change who you are (realistic)
  • But Ted and Robin again? Are you kidding me? It’s not realistic at all. I love Barney and Robin! The last season was about their wedding! Ted and Robin as friends is fantastic, it should have stayed that way. (my opinion)


Look at them, just look at them. 


This scene makes me so vulnerable. Ted stealing the blue french horn for Robin once again. Oh Ted, you’ll always be a lesson and an inspiration to me. I am disappointed with the HIMYM finale, but it does not mean the show was bad. It was the best show ever and I’m forever thankful for that nine years. 

It sucks. No more new episodes of how I met your mother. No more staying up all night, just to finish the latest episode. No more lily & marshall sweet words exchange and talking-using-eyes-only scenes. My favorite tv series is over and once again, it really sucks. 

Thank you Craig & Carter for making a wonderful show, even though I believe that nine years is not enough for the gang cos I want to know what will happen to Ted’s kids, to Barney’s daughter, to Marvin & Daisy, to the blue french horn, to the new playbook and even Patrice, whether she will be robin sparks in the future or what. 


I am both happy and sad, and I don’t know which one is worse.

Maden&#8217;s birthday treat, goodbye third term! @Big 30 Pizza Pasta, Paseo de Sta.Rosa (late upload)

Maden’s birthday treat, goodbye third term! @Big 30 Pizza Pasta, Paseo de Sta.Rosa (late upload)

Anonymous asked: Kapag nakikita kitang nakangiti, napapangiti nadin ako :)

didn’t know I have this kind of effect on people ☺❤

Anonymous asked: Anung oras ka po pwede bukas? Mag bali po tayo ng sim. <3


I’m the type of person that won’t say how they feel when something’s wrong. I’ll stay quiet about it and eventually let it build in inside me. Then eventually one day I will end up breaking down because I just couldn’t hold it any longer, I can’t hide it anymore. I want to say what’s on my mind. I want to say something. I want to say that I’m not okay. But I just can’t.

veeches ✌ wednesday is ❤ 

veeches ✌ wednesday is ❤ 

McDo + John Tucker must die = happy tuesday :&gt; thank you Maden and Leis! I really miss hanging out with you, two! :*

McDo + John Tucker must die = happy tuesday :> thank you Maden and Leis! I really miss hanging out with you, two! :*