non est vivere vele est

Anonymous asked: Hi pretty!

You’re pretty too! :’) 

Anonymous asked: Seeing you smile makes my heart warmer and colder than ever :)


Anonymous asked: Ano pong sikreto ng smile mo =))

Uhm colgate po

Anonymous asked: Kung ako nalang sana... wahaha Hi Aby! =))

BOOOoooo hahahaha hi anon!

Anonymous asked: You still haven't change your tumblr url. Hi Aby, I miss you and I think I told you that before. If only we could turn back time.

too busy to change my tumblr url, pls don’t let yourself be trapped in the past, we met for a reason, and we end up like this for a reason 

Anonymous asked: Patay na patay sayo tropa ko ehh! :D Puro ikaw lage topic namin hahaha


you’re the reason i can’t sleep
you’re the reason that i am weak
sometimes, you make me panic
like watching a scene in the movie, Titanic

the way we kissed
brought me infinite kind of bliss
i would not trade anything for this
cos this is a feeling that i miss

thank you for making me feel pretty 
even though I always wary
you make me happier than I ever thought I could be
and also more scared than I ever thought I could be

you told me roses don’t mean anything
and fucking teddy bears are boring
love is never just a feeling
it also means understanding 

i don’t know how to stop
cos your hugs and kisses are never enough
and even though sometimes things are tough
we never fail to value the true meaning of love